Why Tour Zimbabwe?

Right now, maybe not, but with the regime change, and the expressed intentions of rebuilding the country (though these come from former ardent Mugabe supporters) things may well open up for the adventurous traveller, who wishes to see a truly beautiful country.

Moreover, I have to say, the vast majority of Zimbabweans, despite the 37 year long of their so-called 'dictator' former President, are also beautiful people. And with a country on its knees, with a 90% unemployment rate, a surge in tourism could be just what many of these deserving people need.

Zimbabwe is jam-packed with attractions, including one of the Wonders of the World, the Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya (The Smoke That Thunders) in the Shona language.

Wildlife abounds in Parks spreading along the wide Zambezi floodplain, to the cool and high gorges of the Vumba mountains in the east, and the bushveld savannas of Hwange National Park in the west, bordering with Botswana.

The enigmatic ancient city of Great Zimbabwe, a houseboat cruise on the vast Kariba dam, tiger fishing along the length of the Zambezi, and far more, are but a small taste of the promise Zimbabwe holds.

Prices are good, service is very good, bureaucracy is high, but the welcoming care of those who will be your guides, hosts, waiters and waitresses, tour manager, and more, will certainly make up for it.

Keep an eye on Zimbabwe in 2018. It may be your surprise trip of a lifetime.

For booking details and establishments in the areas mentioned, email us, and we'll send you the info for the places we stayed at and enjoyed, even in the height of the Mugabe regime.

All the best,