In the video, you may notice a rare black variant of the springbok that we managed to capture on video.

The Park has good, well maintained accommodation, and without a doubt, one of its main attractions is a newly discovered species of mountain goat. These animals have roamed the Tankwa for centuries, and if you're luck, you'll catch a glimpse of them on the high slopes of the hills.

The new species was identified through the effort of the South African National Zoo Research team, who confirmed their genetic uniuqueness. For miles of peace and quite, and millions of miles of stars at night, Tankwa Karoo, about 5 hours from Cape Town, is the ideal tranquil getaway.

Apart from the SA National Parks' accommodation, there are a number of guest houses on farms in the area, that provide an attractive and homespun alternative. Best times to go is in the flower season, between August and October (depending on the rains), and in the cooler months April to July.

The flowers, which run in a vast and colourful palette across the west coast of of the Cape, are a must see, as the semi-desert blooms with beauty.

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Two Minute Tours

Two Minute Tours: Tankwa Karoo

Two Minute Tours: Zimbabwe

South Africa's more arid areas are often overlooked by visitors, and yet their stark beauty and surprising diversity offer a great travel experience.

The Karoo, and its even drier subregion, the Tankwa Karoo, offer visitors the original wide open spaces. Vast stretches of plains with horizons sculpted by mountains.

Tankwa is home to the unique Hoodia plant, featured with the fleshy trumpet like flowers in the video. Hoodia was, and still is, used by the San, or Bushmen people to stave off hunger when needed, and is now sold commercially,.

Here, wildlife from leopards and caracals, to the largest antelope in the world, the eland, roam free. Herds of South Africa's national animal, the springbok, populate the open veld in numbers. 

Despite its recent political turbulence, which had

now settled into a new regime, stating its interests

in stimulating tourism, Zimbabwe has always offered

amongst the most diverse tourism

opportunities in Africa.

Firstly, it has one of the Seven Wonders of the World

– the Victoria Falls. Here the vast Zambezi pours over

cliffs in the most spectacular waterfall in the world.

Operators here such as Shearwater, give tourists

options of helicopter flips over the falls, bungee

jumping off the Vic Falls bridge towards the

boiling waters below, the world's most

daring white water rafting, wildlife cruises

on the Zambezi and far more.

The surrounding area teems with wildlife, and lodges such as Hwange Ivory, and Wilderness Safaris' Little Makololo, take you to the heart of Big Game country, in spectacular wilderness settings.

Culturally, the mysterious and beautiful Matobo Hills, with their balanced rocks and ancient rock paintings, are a thought-provoking and tranquil retreat. Amalinda lodge, built into the amazing rock structures, lets you reach out and touch the wonder of the past.

No visit would be complete without walking through the massive structures of Great Zimbabwe, with it towering rock walls and the sweeping power of its architecture.Lodges nearby include those on the serene Lake Kyle.

Zimbabwe's greatest Lake, Kariba, is also home to Africa's big game, and Bumi Hills Safari Lodge and Spa overlooks this abundance.

If you need to overnight in Zimbabwe's capital Harare, a B&B that is more of a boutique hotel is Armadale Lodge, set in large, well treed grounds.

For trout fishermen and those who hanker after clear mountain air, Zimbabwe's eastern highlands offer a very unexpected highland experience in Africa. Beautiful views, fishing, golf, and more add to the amazing diversity of this largely hidden gem of a country.

The most amazing thing? The welcoming warmth of the Zimbabwean people.

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Marakele National Park is one of South Africa's newest Parks. It has the classic African Big Five - lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino - but it also has a setting unlike any Africa you have seen before. For it embraces the mountains and valleys of the famous Waterberg mountain range, giving it the added plus of great scenic beauty. It is cooler here than most African bush veld, and for the visitor, the good news is that it is a malaria free area. The world's largest colony of Cape Griffons nests up on the mountain cliffs, and their soaring flights are beautiful to behold. Accommodation options are plentiful in and out of the Park - email for details to fit your plans. A 24 minute tour and e-booklet on the area will be coming soon !

Two Minute Tours: Marakele National Park