Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Timelapse storm brewing at Golden Gate - the beautiful sandstone cliffs of Golden Gate Highlands National Park have weathered many storms over the nearly 200 million years of their existence. Take a look at the cliffs, and imagine the layers. First the swampy mudstone layer, then the golden yellow sandstone deposits, and over this a hard layer of basalt capping off the giant cake.

Now over this pour a generous sample of rivers and streams, that slowly eat away at the rock and the sandstone for millennia, until you have the beauty of the towering buttresses and cliffs of the Park as you now see them. Worth a visit, there is extreme white water riding, less extreme horse riding, many great hikes, wildlife in abundance, and birdlife aplenty. Accommodation varies from B&B's and hotels in nearby Clarens and Kestell, and the National Park campgrounds and hotel complexes.

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