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Time-lapse storm brewing at Golden Gate - the beautiful sandstone cliffs of Golden Gate Highlands National Park have weathered many storms over the nearly 200 million years of their existence.  Take a look at the cliffs, and imagine the layers. First the swampy mudstone layer, golden yellow sandstone deposits, and over this a hard layer of basalt capping off the giant cake. 

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Two Minute Tours: Zimbabwe

We travelled extensively throughout Southern Africa making wildlife films, and learned a lot about the people and places doing so.

The five star game lodges of southern Africa offer standards of luxury and service often not seen in the finest hotels of Europe, Asia ...

Did you know that there is a camp in Kruger Park built on stilts over a dam, and you will be exclusively the only group there?



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Why Tour Zimbabwe?

Not many people have heard of Roan antelope, let alone seen one.

These graceful creatures need a specialized habitat, and mix of grasses, to thrive. Marakele National Park, a malaria-free Park in South Africa, just 3 hours from Johannesburg, is home to these magnificent animals, as well as the usual culprits -lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhino.

You won’t see Roan inKruger Park, and so think about Marakele as an all-in-one destination, with quicker access than Kruger as well.

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Golden Gate Highlands National Park



Two Minute Tours: Tankwa Karoo

We believe travel is best told the way it is. Our stories highlight experiences of an area, region, or people , from personal experience.....

Right now, maybe not, but with the regime change,and the expressed intentions of rebuilding the country (though these come from former ardent Mugabe supporters) things may well open up for the adventurous traveller, who wishes to see a truly beautfuly country.

Moreover, I have to say, the vast majority of Zimbabweans, despite the 37 year long of their so-called 'dictator' former President, are also beautiful people.

And with a country on its knees, with a 90% unemployment rate, a surge in tourism could be just what many of these deserving people need.

Zimbabwe is jam-packed with attractions, including one of the Wonders of the World, the Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya (The Smoke That Thunders) in the Shona language.

Wildlife abounds in Parks spreading along the wide Zambezi floodplain, to the cool and high gorges of the Vumba mountains in the east, and the bushveld savannas of Hwange National Park in the west, bordering with Botswana.​


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